Compliance - Account Verification

---------- **ACCOUNT VERIFICATION** -------------------- ---------- *Anonymous Trade accepted at CCEDK:* ---------- You may trade anonymously ALL crypto to crypto currencies on CCEDK trading platform. Trading anonymously does not need any further validation, apart from your registration and the offered Google 2 Factor Authentication for your own safety, now available via numerous apps. under settings in My account. ---------- *Company or corporate based trading accounts* ---------- If you wish to have a corporate or company account created and validated on CCEDK, we ask you to create ticket in our mojo help desk asking to receive full information in regards to requirements to be validated, as it will need additional information like company registration, and other additional KYC information. ---------- *Fiat Deposits and Withdrawals:* ---------- Once you decide to deposit and especially in the case of any withdrawal in any of the Fiat options available, we may need to ask you for further documentation (It depends really on your location, as any deposits inside EU in general is accepted without validation, with amounts less than 1000 EUR for any first time transactions and for everybody else less than 100 EUR. Provided of course no suspicious activity is observed. EC residents are allowed to deposit or withdraw one time up to 1000 EUR without verification. Everybody else apart from EC residents are able to deposit a minimum of 100 EUR or equivalent prior to verification. Any amounts in terms of withdrawal require verification. **NB!** For EU deposits without any of below mentioned verification methods, we will be able to approve withdrawal requests only after three working days from date of deposit. If you are verified, you do not need to wait and will be able to withdraw immediately. ---------- **TO VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT PLEASE SUBMIT** ------------------------------------ All below details and documents should be sent via our encrypted support site where you start a new ticket, and **mention in subject:** Validation, User ID and User name. **1) a valid government issued ID, acceptable high quality images of documents are:** - international passport (double page) - national ID card (both sides) - driver's license (both sides) Only one of above obtions is needed! **2) a proof of residency, acceptable scanned images of paper documents are:** - bank statement - utility bill for utilities consumed at your home address - tax return, council tax - certificate of residency issued by a government or a local government authority Only one of above obtions is needed! You can also submit other documents to serve as proof of residency such as; government-issued documents, judicial authority-issued documents, documents issued by a public agency / authority, utility service company, or similar regulated service providing companies. **3) a valid phone number to verify these documents and yourself, should that be considered necessary**. ---------- **NOTICE** ------ ---------- To avoid delays when verifying your account, *MAKE SURE* that your submitted documents are: - *VISIBLE* in their *ENTIRETY* (watermarks are permitted) - images of *HIGH QUALITY* (colour images, 300dpi resolution or higher) - valid ID documents, with the expiry date clearly visible - proof of residency document must be a scanned image of a *PAPER* document - proof of residency document must be *ISSUED* within the last *3 MONTHS* and addressed to our *NAME* and *HOME* address - *NOT ELECTRONIC* bills/statements, online screenshots, mobile phone bills or credit card statements. All of the above mentioned information will not be shared with anybody else, according to our privacy policy mentioned on site ---------- **Third party deposits** -------------------- ---------- Third party deposits are prohibited. Third party transfers from corporate bank accounts require further KYC checking. Please contact our support before making a transaction. **What is third party deposit?** Third party deposits are defined as those deposits which originate from or are drawn upon an account at a financial institution which is titled in a name other than that of the receiving CCEDK account holder(s). Yours sincerely **The CCEDK Admin**
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