CCPAYT Terms and Conditions

**1.Introduction** These Terms of Service (further “Terms”), state the conditions on which a visitor (further “User”) would be able to use the service provided to top up user accounts (further “Accounts”) at third-parties’ websites (further “Partner Websites”). These Terms of Service are mandatory to all Users of Web site specified in these Terms of Service is (further “Website”) and administrated by CCEDK Company/ Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS, (further “CCEDK”) that is registered according to the laws of the Kingdom of Denmark. Legal address: Tyttebaervej 6, Hune, DK-9492 Blokhus, Company number: CVR-NR 35 80 91 71. The Website provides User a non-exclusive, non-transferable to third-parties the right to use the services that give the opportunity to transfer digital assets in order to top up user accounts at Partner Websites. Once a new User, while making a Transaction put agree with Terms button and clicked “continue” button - Terms of Service are indisputable. Clicking “Continue” button on the Website, User confirms that he agrees with these Terms, and has capacity to be involved in dealings on Website, owns digital assets used on Website, and User is aware of the need to pay taxes according to his own jurisdiction. Website has the right at its discretion and without notice change, add, edit sections of these Terms. Each time User is obliged to check the new version of the Terms. Continued use of the Website after changes means User accepts new Terms. NOTICE: If you do not agree fully or partially to these Terms, please do not use the Website and its services. **2. Definitions** ”Website” - software, technical and organizational structures in operation of CCEDK / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS, located at the Website purpose is to help Users top up their user accounts of Partner Websites. *“User”* – any visitor on the Website. *“Buyer”* – Website User who makes a Transaction. *“Funds”* – digital assets (crypto currencies: bitcoins, Litecoins, etc.), used for Transactions by Users in order to top up User Accounts at Partner Websites. *“Partner Websites”* – websites owned by companies, whose services are presented at Website. *“User Account”* – an account that belongs to User and registered at Partner Websites. *“Rate”* – the ratio offered to Users for the user account’s top up on the Website (Rates are based on Bitcoin). *“Commission”* – fee, which is paid in favor of Website on each Transaction. (The cost of the Commission is shown on Website after the necessary service to top up is chosen from the list). The Commission is charged with the Funds involved in each Transaction. *“Transaction”* – transfer made by Users in order to top up a user account at Partner Websites. **The minimum amount of a transaction is 0.01 BTC.** Making a Transaction consists of few steps. They are as follows: 1. User chooses the currency that he or she wants to use for Transaction 3. User inputs the amount of the currency 2. User chooses the service to Top-Up from the services’ list 4. The amount of the Top-Up and the Commission are calculated automatically and are shown to the User (**the minimum amount of an exchange or replenishment is 0.01 BTC**) 5. Then User enters his or her E-mail address and presses the «Continue» button **3. Obligations** **CCPAYT undertakes:** All Transactions are carried out in a confidential User manner. Deals amount determined and recorded prior to the Deals. All Deals will be carried out and cannot be canceled. All Funds will be given back to Users at their request immediately, according to the Terms. CCPAYT has the right to suspend Transactions if the User violates these Terms. **Users’ Obligations:** Users are required to use the Website only for the purposes specified in these Terms. In case of attempts to cheat on these Terms, also in case of violation of AML policy User’s Transactions can be stopped and after the investigation terminated. Users are responsible for complying with all laws and regulations relating to their Deals. Also Users pay all taxes on Deals according to the laws of their location. Users agree that CCPAYT holds only the technical side of their Deals on behalf and in their interests. Users accept and acknowledge that they are responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of Deals and not specified in these Terms. **4. Intellectual Property and limitations when using the Website** The Website contains intellectual property owned by CCEDK and its affiliates. By using the Website, Users agree that all content and structure of the Website are protected by copyright, the trademark and other rights of intellectual property, and that these rights are valid and protected in all forms, in all media and for all technologies, as currently existing or subsequently developed or created. Users are forbidden to copy and / or distribute any of the objects of intellectual property rights from the Website, except when such function is directly provided on the Website; copy, or otherwise use the software of the Website, as well as its design; change in any way the software of the Website, to perform any act aimed at changing the functioning and performance of the Website, hack, bring viruses, trojans, carry out attacks against the Website, enter other material capable of inflict technology harm. Users are not permitted to try to gain unauthorized access to the Website, the server that keeps the Website and stored database. In case of violation of these rules, CCPAYT will initiate criminal prosecution of those who violate these rules. The right to use our Website for such users will be lost forever. **5. Responsibility** User agrees that: 1. Uses the Website in the form how it is, at his own risk. This means that CCPAYT not warrant that the Site will meet the needs or requirements of the Members that the Site will be uninterrupted or error free, that any information provided on the Site is true and correct. This means that CCPAYT does not guarantee that the Website will meet the needs or requirements of the Users, that the Website will be uninterrupted or error free, that any information provided on the Website is true and correct. Use of any content downloaded or otherwise obtained through the Website, carried out at the risk of the User. User is solely responsible for any damage of his computer or other User devices, including loss of data and damage of the Licensed Software. No information or advice, expressed in oral or in written form, obtained by the User from CCPAYT makes no representations or warranties of any kind, except as expressly provided in these Terms. The user accepts, understands and agrees that, in connection with a limited warranty, as described above, any claim against CCPAYT will be limited to the amount of the Commission paid by the User for making transactions on the Website. CCPAYT is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive loss or damage suffered by the User as a result of use of the Website. Users guarantee that they are the legitimate owners of the Funds they use on the Website. In case of damage to CCPAYT made by Users of the Website for violating these Terms, Users are required to compensate CCPAYT from such actions. **6. Governing Law** The Website is managed by CCPAYT from the office, located in the Kingdom of Denmark. Visiting the Website, User agrees that the rules and laws of the Kingdom of Denmark will apply to all matters relating to use of this Website. All disputes relating to these Terms on the Website will be resolved in the courts located in Denmark and waives claims in the courts of the other jurisdiction. If the Court deems any points of these Terms are not relevant to the law, this point will be enforced to the maximum extent, and all other points shall remain in full force and effect. **7. Privacy Policy** User, in order to open an Account and further use the Website, provides confidential information to CCPAYT, regarding E-mail. In this case, CCPAYT regulates their actions according to the Data Protection Act and committed to keep the information obtained according to Privacy Policy of the Website. **8. Force Majeure** In case of force majeure as described in international law, fulfillment of mutual obligations between the User and CCPAYT will be suspended until the end of force majeure.
Published on: 2014-10-23 See other articles in by CCEDK.