CCEDK API V1 CCEDK provides access to the API via two ways: **1. Public API:** Does not require the use of authentication methods and is available via GET requests. This API does not require authorization, and is accessible through the GET request. In general, the URL for accessing the API is as follows https://www.ccedk.com/api/v1/api_method/api_action?api_params where api_method - this API method that is accessed, api_action - the action to be performed and api_params - incoming request parameters. [List of Public API](http://ccedk.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/136549) **2. Private API:** Requires the use of an authorization and is available only by using a POST request and GET request. In both cases it is required to send GET / POST-parameter `nonce` with incremental numerical value [timestamp unix], which should not be less than the current timestamp, rounded up to the third digit to the lower side and no more current timestamp unix. To access this API requires authentication and you must use POST method. The exception is the receipt of the invoice pdf file. All the answers come from the server in JSON format. Authorization is performed by sending to the server the following headings: Key - The public key, it is necessary to take the user's profile settings (example: 1KАF69ZVYNHGG109SBKSSX5VI8TUC7CA236VPTXEH7JLRMB2RIWZH1VFHVGBLZU4) Sign - POST data (`param = val & param1 = val1 ... & paramN = valN`), signed by the secret key HMAC-SHA512, secret key is also necessary to take in the user profile settings (example: 1e0oe19wfn11s3t2lzmvrt26izlaky8k22ko88zroki74cp1y9kdd812i0y7rtxj). [List of Private API](http://ccedk.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/136557) **3. Error responses to API** [List of error responses to API](http://ccedk.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/136558)
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